Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

The Classic - $80 / 60 minutes

Also known as a Swedish Massage. This is perfect for those who with high stress levels and those who prefer a more calming touch. The utilization of broad, soft strokes and smooth transitions makes this a great option for those looking for a quick escape. While promoting relaxation, this massage also focuses on improving circulation. This will boost the immune system, increase the healing process, and release those “feel good” hormones we all thrive for.

DEEP TISSUE - $90 / 60 minutes

This therapy will focus on those deeper muscles, tendons and fascia that give us chronic pain. Slow, deep, concentrated pressure will target those deep problem areas. Breaking up scar tissue will free up joints to allow proper range of motion while being pain free. Deep tissue is great for post surgeries, repetitive motion injuries, chronic pains and much more.

SPORTS MASSAGE - $90 / 60 minutes

Multiple techniques are used to create customized session for the athletes’ individual needs. Specific areas are targeted to maximize the session. “Pin and stretch” and “cross fiber friction” are the most common techniques with this massage. This massage also includes HyperVolt (percussion therapy gun) service. Best for athletes with injuries, pain, and tension looking to get back in field and feel great.

PRE-NATAL/PREGNANCY - $90 / 60 minutes

A side lying technique geared for pregnant women looking to relax and manage pain. Pregnancy will come with many physical and emotional changes. Some moms-to-be will experience discomfort as the baby develops. This is the perfect combination of therapeutic touch to work out pain and fluid moments to calm the mind.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE - $90 / 60 minutes

Fascia is connective tissue that wraps every organ and muscle in the body. When these layers start to adhere to together, it causes pain and restriction. This therapy focuses on releasing these adhesion’s through the manipulation of that connective tissue. Slow, deep stretches and friction are used to restore normal and muscle function.

CUPPING - $100 / 60 minutes

An advanced therapy with the application of cupping tools. Cupping creates a negative pressure to pull apart adhesion’s, restriction, scar tissue, and restores muscle functionality. When the body holds tension, it does not function to its maximum capacity. Cupping will force circulation to these tension areas with a siphoning effect. This will bring the needed nutrients and oxygen to those troubled areas revitalizing strength and endurance. Pull away the pain with this modality.

CHAIR MASSAGE - $160 / 120 minutes

One or multiple massage therapists will set up specialized chairs to provide massage treatments. We will customize each session to the individuals needs. Chair massages vary from 5 mins – 30 mins sessions. A timeline and pagers are provided if the event calls for it. HyperVolts are available upon request.

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